Editorial Policy

We are Setmynews.com a News website, and also some of our articles are based on educational content. We deal with Educational content, Technology, Science (Physics), Celebrity News, Sports News, Health Content, etc. 

Therefore posts are around to these categories, and if anyone wants to be an editor on this website, must follow these categories. 


Given fresh and knowledgeable content to all is our first priority. That’s why we are aimed to cover tech news topics as well as educational content at some points in our posts.

Therefore, anyone who only interested in educational and knowledgeable content posting can be an editor on this website Setmynews.com.

Affiliate Programs

We are not deals with any affiliate programs or any type of lead generation. Here we are not promoting any products for getting affiliate commissions. 


Never use other’s content in any form or if it is necessary Please give proper credit to the original authority.

Trending topics posts are a must thing as a part of daily posts strategy.

Misleading titles, headlines, or any type of clickbait is not be allowed here (except in certain conditions). 

Keyword-rich content is very helpful for any website, so if a that will be full of keyword-rich content have more chances to appear on Google’s First Page. Therefore every editor must remember this. 

Any type of sexual, porn, violence, etc, etc content is strictly prohibited, and every editor must follow this.

The content must is clear and understandable to all. Anyone can use images and videos, etc to make a friendly and knowledgeable post. 


One must follow all guidelines of this editor policy.

Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is needed at some points, hence required. 

Specific category content editor will more chances to be approved. 

Experience in the Tech <news and media> line will be given priority as compared to others. 


Interested people can send us their submission directly to our Official Email address- setmynews@gmail.com

Feedback & Query

For any type of feedback or query contact us at setmynews@gmail.com

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