5 important points ofJoe Biden's $6.9 trillion budget proposal

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President Joe Biden released a federal budget on Thursday 09 March 2023. By putting more taxes on the wealthiest Americans

And corporations U.S. govt. want to expand the government's social safety net and transform the economy.

1. Along with a new billionaires' tax,  $5 trillion in new taxes for upcoming time.

Those 5 important points are

2. Would reduce the deficit by $2.9 trillion over the next decade. 3. Plans for extending Medicare solvency beyond 2050 in his budget.

4. As per Biden's Build Back Better domestic agenda, this budget, resurfaces proposals for subsidized child care, national paid family, expanded community college, medical leave, and some others too

5. To make the United States a global leader in the production of microchips, and Emphasize climate change.