$900 million back to investors, 11 years prison Elizabeth Holmes?

By Setmynews.com Date 18/03/2023

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Elizabeth Holmes who was found guilty last year in January 2022, was convicted on three counts of criminal wire fraud

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and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Also, the jury found her guilty of illegally fleecing investors, out of millions of dollars.

For this Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in prison by U.S. Federal District Court Judge Edward Davila in November 2022.

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Also, the court gives permission to Holmes out of custody for the delivery of her second child.

Elizabeth Holmes appeared in court on Friday 17 March 2023,

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Against the court order, for her surrender to incarceration on April 27, 2023, and post-trial arguments.

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On Friday, A San Jose federal district court judge heard other disputes between the parties including the

government’s request for Holmes to pay $878 million in restitution to the investors that prosecutors

Say were victims of Holmes’ fraud, and also Elizabeth Holmes’ bid to remain out of federal prison.


It is also known that Elizabeth Holmes's attorneys have wanted to appeal Holmes' case to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals is

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ultimately empowered to decide, if Holmes must follow judge Davila’s order and report to prison, or may remain free as it considers the merits of her appeal.

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