Now, Credit Suisse’s largest shareholder Harris Associates has no stocks in the Swiss bank.

Credit Suisse Loses its One of biggest shareholders, and now Harris associates no longer hold any stock in the Swiss bank.

Credit Suisse Banking Company

The harris associates was a top shareholder in the bank for many years.

But now after losing patience with its strategy amid persistent losses and witness of unprecedented client exodus. Credit Suisse banking lost its major stakeholders.

Recently in October 2022, after the bank raised $4.3 billion in a Saudi-led funding round, the Harris began selling.

In January 2023, Credit Suisse reported its worst annual loss since the 2008 global financial crisis and warned of a substantial loss in 2023.

Harris associates was a 10% stake in Credit Suisse in the last year 2022, near to month of August 2022.

It fell near to half of last year and in January 2023 Harris associates have a 5% stake in the bank.

Also, a $7.9 billion Credit Swiss's worst annual loss for the year 2022 since the 2008 global financial crisis where Credit Suisse's annual loss was around $8.2 billion.