Donald Trump will be arrested on Tuesday of next week! It is true?

By Date 19/03/2023

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As New York law enforcement prepares for possible indictment, the 45th president of America Donald Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday.

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On Saturday 18 March 2023, referring to himself in the third person, D-Trump posted a message on his Truth Social platform,

he says, he would be expecting to be arrested on Tuesday of next week.  But regarding this comment,

there has been no public announcement of any timeframe or any indictment by any officials, and his team

said it had not received any notifications from prosecutors. There has been a history of civil litigation both before and after taking office at the D-Trump,

as he tries to recapture the White House, and a criminal charge would represent a dramatic escalation of his legal woes.

Later, a spokesperson and a lawyer of Trump said on Saturday that D-Trump's post was based on media reports rather than any actual update.

Trump’s post cited “illegal leaks from a corrupt and highly political Manhattan district attorney’s office, but, the district attorney’s office declined to comment.

Trump on this has said he would continue his presidential campaign for 2024 even if indicted.