How to get a maximum of $4555 Social Security in 2023? 


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By, Date 11/03/2023

If you want to earn a maximum of $4,555 benefits after your retirement through Social security then, you must follow some steps to be eligible for that.

For the current year, 2023, the average Social Security benefit is $1,827 a month. But if you want to collect

More than the average social security benefit and if you fall in the eligibility criteria then, you could look for high senior benefits.

1. To insured that there are no $0s while calculating for missing years.

Key points to score a high social security benefit in 2023.

Therefore, you'll need to have worked for 35 years, It is also because the social security department

Calculates your monthly benefits on the behalf of your 35 highest-paid years in the labor force into account.

2. Earning's Wage Cap - In 2023, the wage cap is $160,200, so income beyond that threshold is not under-taxed.

But, if you want to claim the maximum Social Security senior benefit, your earnings must be equivalent to or greater than the wage cap for 35 years.

3. Another key point to claiming a maximum Social Security benefit is delaying yourself from filing for Social Security benefits till the age of 70 years.

Because whenever you pass the required age years, the Social Security benefits grow at the rate of 8% per year.

Disclaimer -  All the key points are based on research on Social Security 2023 benefits, you must contact to concerned officials to get more accurate data on this.