The actors of the Netflix series (The Chosen One) died during a road accident in Mexico. A van crashed on June 16 near Mulege in the Baja California Sur Peninsula in Mexico

Two actors lost their lives in this accident. These two actors Raymundo Gurdano and Juan Francisco Aguilar were shooting for Netflix's series (The Chosen One) in Mexico.

After the shooting, the team of Netflix's series (The Chosen One) was going towards the local airport when this accident happened

Actors Raymundo Gurdano and Juan Francisco Aguilar died on the spot in this road accident. Two cast members and four crew members of the series were also injured in this incident. All of them were admitted to the nearest hospital.

The team of Netflix series was shooting for The Chosen One in Mexico. When the Redrum company came to know about the accident, the company immediately stopped the production of Netflix series.

Everardo Gout and Leopoldo Gout were the co-show runners of the Netflix series shooting for the show, which began in April.

On June 17, through Facebook, the Baja California Department of Culture has condoled the death of both the actors.

In a statement issued by the state government, the government has written that we deeply regret the deaths of Raymundo Garduo Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar 'Paco Mufote'.

The Chosen One is a Brazilian thriller series launched in 2019. It is based on the comic book series American Jesus by Mark Miller and Peter Gross.

Netflix's series (The Chosen One) is the story of a 12-year-old boy. That 12-year-old boy is an incarnation of Jesus and was born to save humanity. But now after this accident it is not known whether this series will go ahead or not.