Simone Biles officially engaged to NFL Footballer Jonathan Owens and shared photos on social media. 

News through the social media handle of Simone Biles (Instagram post), headlines grow up. In this post,

 clearly seen that the 26-year-old American footballer Jonathan Owens and 24-year-old Olympic gymnast

Simone Biles are now engaged. Simone Biles wrote on her Instagram post " you’re everything for me, let’s get married FIANCÉ".

Jonathan Owens also commented in the replay "Ready for forever with you".

Image Credit Simone/Instagram

As per the news, have been dating for nearly two years, and are now officially engaged.

How did Jonathan Owens meet Simone Biles? 

If we look through the Instagram post, and after officially announced engagement,

Who did Simone Biles marry?

it can happen soon that the engaged couple planned to be married.

Image Credit Jonathan Ownes/Instagram

According to, Jonathan Owens recently signed

What is Jonathan Owens's salary?

Image Credit Jonathan /Insta

a contract on around $1,175,000, with Houston Texans. In this contract, the average annual salary of Jonathan Ownes

 is around $587,500 with a  $10,000 guaranteed amount, a $10,000 signing bonus.

Image Credit Jonathan/Insta