List of 25 Insurances in the USA in 2023


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This is the list of 25 Insurances in the USA in 2023. If there are any other types of insurance that we miss to explain here, you can do not hesitate to write in the comment section given below.

What are the main types of Insurance in the USA in 2023?

If we talk about the main types of insurance in the USA in 2023 then, we simply divide it into two main categories. 

  1. Life or Health insurance.
  2. Assets or Property insurance.

On the basis of these two main categories, we sub-categorized these insurances. 

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List of 25 Insurances in the USA in 2023

  1. Life insurance.
  2. Vision insurance (Health insurance).
  3. Hospital insurance (against security or protection against a loss or other financial burden).
  4. Annuities Insurance (Life and annuities insurance).
  5. Dental insurance (Health insurance).
  6. Annuities insurance (Securities).
  7. Long Term care insurance (Life insurance).
  8. Medications insurance (Health insurance).
  9. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance (Life insurance).
  10. Property Insurance
  11. Asset insurance.
  12. Property and Casualty insurance.
  13. Home Insurance (Property Insurance).
  14. Fire Insurance (Property Insurance).
  15. Machines and equipment Insurance (Asset Insurance).
  16. Worker-related Compensation Insurance (Casualty insurance).
  17. Flood Insurance (Property Insurance).
  18. Pet’s Insurance (Property Insurance).
  19. Auto Insurance (Property Insurance).
  20. Omissions and Errors Insurance (Casualty insurance).
  21. Liability Insurance (Casualty insurance).
  22. Boiler Insurance (Property Insurance).
  23. Earthquake Insurance (Property Insurance).
  24. Disability Insurance (Casualty insurance).
  25. Title Insurance (Property Insurance).

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