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Emma Stone Bio, Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Feet, Husband, Net Worth

Emma Stone is an Oscar-winning American Hollywood actress born in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States on 6 November 1988. She started her debut in the movie Superbad (2007). Her parents...

Scarlett Johansson Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Movies, Oscar

A Girl who described her childhood as very ordinary but later become World's highest-paid actress by working in...

Melissa Benoist Bio, Wiki, Age, Weight, Height In Feet, Husband, Net Worth, Movies

Melissa Benoist is an American Actress and singer, who is often called a supergirl in the Hollywood industry...

Elizabeth Olsen Bio, Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Feet, Husband, Net Worth

Elizabeth Olsen is an American Actress born in Sherman Oaks, California, the United States on 16 February 1989....

Natalie Portman Bio, Age, Height in feet, Husband, Net Worth, Star Wars, Thor, Weight

A Pretty Girl whose birth name is Natalie Hershlag, and at an early age she adopted her maternal...

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