How to Install Theme On WordPress free in 2021?

How to Install Theme On WordPress free in 2021?

The installation of the theme in WordPress is very easy. After setting the setup of WordPress, means a new WordPress setup. The very first thing is to set a new responsive and good theme for our blog is compulsory. The right and the niche-based theme is a very important part of the blogging journey. Without a proper theme set up a blog or website looks unprofessional and this will make the blog not as impressive as others with proper theme customization. In this article, we learn How to Install Theme On WordPress free in 2021? Okay, let us install it.

How to Install Theme On WordPress free in 2021?

Here we are talking about the free theme installation by WordPress. YES, as you know there are many themes that are free, are given by WordPress.

Step1– Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Step2– Click on the Appearance icon and then themes.

Step3– In the themes section, a pre-installed theme is already activated, now if you want to change this, just click on add new.

Step4– Here you get many free themes and after choosing a good theme, simply click on the install button or you can take a preview of the theme whom you want to install.

Step5– After the installing process complete, click on activate.

How to install a custom theme in WordPress?

If you want to install a custom theme in WordPress, then the same process is obeyed.

  1. Appearance.
  2. Themes.
  3. Add new.
  4. Upload theme.
  5. Now you can upload the custom theme which you download from a source. If you want to purchase a custom theme, then you must purchase a responsive and mobile-friendly, and updated theme.
  6. You must purchase themes from a trusted source. Theme selection is a very important part of overall blog performance and impression.
  7. Okay, now click on the choose file.
  8. Now choose the zip file and click on install now.
  9. After installing activate the theme and you can now ready to customize it as you like.

Customization of themes is not easy for beginners. You can face many problems while customizing any new theme for the first time.

Then we advise you to contact your friends or the person who understands and knows the customization process of themes.

Perhaps you can also customize any theme with the help of youtube videos.

Yes, it is a time-consuming process but, it is very useful for your blogging knowing.

The main fundamentals of a blogging career are that first you should learn, then you should able to execute those strategies in your blogging carrier.

Points to note before installing a new theme.

  1. If you think your data is very sensitive, and the settings of your blog are much more, then you can take a backup before installing a new theme. Backup is not needed if you install a theme the first time. 
  2. Sometimes after updating in a new version of the running theme can change some settings, therefore, you must take a look at some important settings first, and then after installing a new theme all settings must be check by taking some time. 
  3. Always purchase templates and themes from a trusted source. The theme must be responsive, and mobile-friendly, and up to date. 
  4. Always choose a theme that suits your niche best. 

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